Monday, September 19, 2011

New DVD Coming Soon

Our newest and 10th DVD will be available around October 1st. This latest DVD, Robert Seckler's Dutchess & Hudson Valley Railroads, features the layout of an accomplished modeler and a good friend. Rob's approach to modeling is fairly straight forward - just have fun. Ultimately, that's the goal of any hobby - we're dedicating our time and effort for sheer enjoyment. Sure there are plenty of other motivating factors for spending hours and dollars building models but it's all rather useless if what you are doing doesn't bring you happiness.

Rob builds much of the layout with a group of his friends. Along the way his family has gotten involved as well. In the end it's been something friends and family can be a part of, share ideas, measure progress, sharpen skills and laugh their way through it.

Hopefully all of us can extract that kind of satisfaction from our modeling. If you feel you're falling short in that department, this DVD might inspire you get to your workbench and have a good time building and creating.

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