Thursday, March 06, 2008

Department of Docks Progress

The Department of Docks scene is coming along.I've added some waves, thoough they still need to be drybrushed white. I've also applied some more scenery and a small utility shed, that you might recognize as our recent free kit offer. I'll be adding more details here as well as another structure where the empty lot is, it'll be a maintenance building that will house a shipsmith as well as a carpenter. I have the walls for this structure complete, at the moment I'm waiting for some canopy glue to between this structure and the little shed I have to come up with some sort of crane/ hoist to get buoys in and out of the water. Dave Revelia's boat repair diorama keeps coming to mind. In it he modeled a hoist at the edge of a dock built from wood pilings and steel I - Beams. It might have to be something like that as opposed to a crane that swings out like the Tichy jib crane, ; there's just not enough room.

I've also installed Decker's Tar Soap. I carefully ripped it off it's diorama base and have transplanted it on the water's edge.
A finished track plan is in the works which I'll post soon, so you can get an idea of what's what. By the next post I should have that new Docks building together.

1 comment:

Norm Wolf said...

I'm not sure the Department of Docks Saftey people would approve of that razor blade just sticking into the foam in their back yard! ;).
Looks really nice!